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Brand Kongskilde Kongskilde FS Seeder


Pneumatic seeder for intermediate crops. For trailed Delta Flex and Vibro Flex 7400. A correct established intermediate crop has a number of advantages like:
  • Maximum collection of nitrogen from the root zone
  • Structural effect of the soil layers as the dead roots leaves vertical channels for water, oxygen and nutrients
  • A correct established crop prevents weeds from developing due to lack of sunlight
  • Fulfills the rules of establishing the crops
Seeding in combination with a stubble cultivator has the following advantages:
  • Field residues are mixed into the top layer and mixed with residues
  • A seedbed is created by the cultivator with loose soil for the small seeds
  • The rear roller makes a reconsolidation which improves the germination


Technical specifications

Model Fan Hopper capacity Number of outlets
FS 120 - 3.2 El Electric 120,0 l 8
FS 200 - 3.2 El Electric 200,0 l 8
FS 200 - 3.2 Hy Hydraulic 200,0 l 8
FS 300 - 5.2 El Electric 300,0 l 8
FS 300 - 5.2 Hy Hydraulic 300,0 l 8