R+ 1410


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Brand Kongskilde

R+ 1410

  • Strong and reliable machine built for intensive use.
  • R+ rotor, bearing at both ends, reduced requirements for daily maintenance.
  • Multi link frame, each rotor unit is working independent of each other.
  • R+1410 SB automatic steering for sharp turns, the best result is obtained.
  • Cardanic rotor, optimal ground following.
  • Low point of gravity, can operate in hilly areas.
  • Tandem wheel standard rear rotor, optimal ground following.
  • Possible for 2 single swaths.

Tekniska specifikationer

R+ 1410 S R+ 1410 SB
Type Trailed Trailed
Arbets- bredd 3.60 m - 6.45 m 3.60 m - 6.45 m
Transport- bredd 300 cm 300 cm
Min. Power requirements kW/hp 30/40 30/40
Number of arm/doubletines 12-4 12-4
Vikt 1335 1490
Cardanic Rear rotor Option Option
Tandem wheel rear rotor Standard Standard
Placement of swaths Side Side