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When it comes to Vertical Tillage, Kongskilde’s 9000 series has proven itself by being able to penetrate the hard, dry soils and high crop residue levels of this past fall. The Kongskilde 9000 series showed the competition that it is something to be reckoned with. At several shows unlike its competion, Kongskilde’s 9000 series did what very few could do - work the ground 4” deep in “one-pass” without the use of extra weights. By doing so, the soil could be mixed with the cut residue to help hold the residue in place.
With the capability of changing the degree of angle (0°, 4°, 8°, 12°, & 16°) the 9000 series can be used not only as a Fall tool but also as a Spring tool. For Spring work set the gangs at a lesser degree to open up the soil and in the Fall set the gangs at a higher degree so the blades’ cutting action will be more aggressive with the soil and residue.

Kongskilde’s 9000 series is available in 7 sizes – 12’, 15’, 20’ 23’ 25’, 32’ & 43’. For Durability and strength the mainframe is constructed of 6” x 6” - 1/2” wall tubing & cross members are interwoven 6” x 4” - 1/2” wall tubing.

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