Deep Placement Applicator


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Brand Kongskilde Deep Placement Applicator

Deep Placement Applicator

The Deep Placement Applicator was available in a 6 or 8 row model on 30" row spacings. It can be used with either a 1,000 gallon tank for liquid fertilizer or a 6-ton stainless steel box for dry fertilizer. The fertilizer is placed directly in the root zone using the shank assembly developed specifically for the Deep Placement Applicator. The shank assembly consists of a 20" coulter for cutting residue, an auto-reset shank with 2" point for cutting a slot up to 18" deep, and a pair of wavy blades following the shank to cover the slot with a mound of dirt 8" to 10" wide and 4" to 5" high. The frame construction of the Deep Placement Applicator allows for the wheel tracks to stay between the rows, undisturbing the mounds just created.