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Brand Kongskilde


Eliminating manual removal of stones can save valuable time in farming. The new generation of stone picking machines from Kongskilde is more efficient than ever.

Kongskilde’s experience is reflected in the high capacity and heavy-duty design of lifting rotor and screen. The Stonebear 2.60 collects stones up to 50 centimetres, offers a new high-tipping feature and provides a large hopper capacity of 5 tons. 

Tekniske specifikationer

Stonebear 2.60
Max. stenstørrelse* 50 cm
Max. arbejdsdybde 7 cm
Aftipningshøjde 300 cm
Transportbredde 255 cm
Vægt 5050 kg
Arbejdsbredde 620 cm
Såkasseindhold 5000,0 l
* Min.= 3 cm