VM-2 SB Multi

Brand Kongskilde VM-2 SB Multi

VM-2 SB Multi

The VM-2 SB Multi has a unique concept of combining feed and straw bedding without compromise. Feeding with cross conveyer is especially suitable for feed mixtures with high content of straw.
For bedding the blowing capacity of up to 60' meets almost all demands.
With the multi model it is possible to reduce the number of machines needed on the farm.

Why choose a Complete Diet Mixer from Kongskilde?
  1. Great flexibility – also after you have purchased!
  2. The most hard-wearing diet mixers on the market!
  3. The unique mixing auger with Impulse Mixing!
  4. The unique wireless weighing system - Feed Manager!
  5. Strawbedding - the unique concept "Multi"!
  6. Mix+ concept of wearing parts!
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Especificaciones técnicas

VM 14-2 SB M VM 16-2 SB M VM 18-2 SB M VM 20-2 SB M
Cubic capacity m3 14 16 18 20
Discharge Cross conveyor Cross conveyor Cross conveyor Cross conveyor
Total height with standard tyres* 257 cm 275 cm 292 cm 306 cm
Potencia motor del tractor, kW (CV) 60/82 65/88 70/95 74/100
One load of feed corresponds to the daily need (8000 kg ECM/cow/year) 80-100 dairy cows 93-120 dairy cows 105-135 dairy cows 115-135 dairy cows