R+ 1 rotor


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Brand Kongskilde

R+ 1 rotor

  • Strong and reliable machine built for intensive use.
  • R+ rotor bearing at both ends, reduced requirements for daily maintenance.
  • Moveable headstock, optimized ground following.
  • Articulated headstock, wheels are close to the rake arm, good optimal ground following.
  • R+ rotor, bearing at both ends of the rake arm, less daily maintenance.


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Especificaciones técnicas

R+ 420 R+ 460
Type 3-point 3-point
Ancho de trabajo 415 cm 445 cm
Ancho de transporte 190 cm 218 cm
Min. Power requirements kW/hp 26/35 33/45
Number of arm/doubletines 12-4 12-4
Peso 570 650