Modelo 7200


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Brand Kongskilde Progressive Model 7200

Modelo 7200

Kongskilde’s Model F7200 is a heavy-duty, front-folding, toolbar. The front-folding allows for a narrower transport width versus the standard vertical fold toolbars. The F7200 is available in working widths of 30’ (12-row), 0’ (16-row), and 60’ (24-row) based on 30” centers. The F7200 can be used as an anhydrous toolbar, liquid fertilizer applicator, or as a dry fertilizer applicator. It is available with a rear hitch for pulling nurse tanks, liquid carts, or a dry box cart. The F7200 is also available with flat-fold row markers and a variety of row units - Edge-Bent (shear-bolt style), Auto- Reset, or the Parallel Linkage Models: Row Pro 300 Combo, Row Pro 300 Standard, and Row Pro 300 Auto-Reset.

Especificaciones técnicas

Model F7200 Front-fold
Plegable Yes
Anchura de chasis 7'' x 7''
Ancho de trabajo min. 30'
Ancho de trabajo máx. 60'
Número mínimo de hileras 12
Número máximo de hileras 24
Distancia entre las filas 30''
Arrastrado Yes
Altura de transport -
Ancho de transporte 30' & 40' - 14' 6'' 60' - 16'
Neumáticos estándar 30' & 40' - 12.5L x 15 60- 16.5 x 16.1