Modelo 2500


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Brand Kongskilde Progressive Model 2500

Modelo 2500

The Model F3500 is for the farmer that is running a 24 row (60’ based on 30” rows) planter. The F3500 is a front-fold style bar when in transport position is only 11’ 10” wide. This makes the F3500 the narrowest transport width 60’ sidedress applicator on the market. The F3500 can also do 16 rows when the outer wings are left folded up. The applicator uses the patented lift system that is used on the F3400 & F3450 sidedress appli-cators. Wing flex is no problem with the F3500.

Especificaciones técnicas

Model F3500 - Liquid - Front-Fold
Plegable Yes - Front-fold
Anchura de chasis 7'' x 7''
Ancho de trabajo min. -
Ancho de trabajo máx. 60'
Número mínimo de hileras -
Número máximo de hileras Varies with row spacing
Distancia entre las filas Varies: 20'', 22'', 27'', 30'' (standard row width), 36'', 38'', & 40''
Capacidad de tolva 1600 Gallon
Arrastrado Yes
Altura de transport 8' 6''
Ancho de transporte 11' 10''
Neumáticos estándar 14.9R x 46