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Malli 2600

The Model 2600 Sidedress Applicator is the largest built by Kongskilde. The applicator has the capabilities of working 60, 80’, or 90’ (based on 30" rows only). All you need to leave the outer wing folded up, close the valves to the outer wing, re-adjust the monitor for 60’ and you are sidedressing 24 rows in a matter of minutes.
The 2600 is a front fold style applicator so height (9’ 0”) is not an issue when it comes to transport or putting into a building after season. The transport width of the 2600 is only 16’ 6”.
The 2600 is available with 2400 gallon stainless steel tank. Also available is a hydraulic pump with a TeeJet monitor and a 4-section shut off boom.

Tekniset tiedot

Model 2600 - Liquid
Taittuva Yes - Front-fold
Rungon leveys 7'' x 7''
Työleveys, min. 60'
Työleveys, max. 90'
Min rivimäärä -
Max rivimäärä 35 Coulters
Riviväli 30''
Säiliötilavuus 2400 Gallon
Hinattava Yes
Kuljetuskorkeus 9'
Kuljetusleveys 16' 6''
Vakiorenkaat 14.9R x 46