Brand Överum Överum Xcelsior CX 590 F


Reversible fully mounted plough, shearbolt protected. The Xcelsior CX ploughs feature a modular designed beam support and draw frame allowing all the stress to be evenly distributed over the full length of the plough. The result is a simple strong and clean design with logical and easy adjustment. The Xcelsior range of CX ploughs are manufactured from high quality steel for strength and reliability to work in the toughest conditions. 90 and 100 cm clearance between plough bodies and generous underbeam clearance allow space for effective skimmers to give good weed control and straw incorporation.
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Technical specifications

CX 3975F CX 4975F CX 5975F CX31075F CX41075F
Number of furrows 3 4 5 3 4
Point to point clearance 90 cm 90 cm 90 cm 100 cm 100 cm
Under beam clearance 75 cm 75 cm 75 cm 75 cm 75 cm