This product is discontinued

Brand Kongskilde BeckerAeromat Farm-Line


As standard all the models from the Farm-Line range are equipped with fertilizer hopper. From 4 row, as a solo machine or in combination with a power harrow, all the way up to a 12 row with 9.00 m working width: Everything depending on farm size and way of use, the Farm-Line range is built up to suit the independant farmer.


Technical specifications

Model Number of rows Type of frame Transport width Weight
Farm-Line 4S 4x75 Rigid 300 cm 820 kg
Farm-Line 6S 6x75 Rigid 3.00 m *) 1020 kg
Farm-Line 6S 6x75 Telescope 300 cm 1220 kg
Farm-Line 8S 8x75 Rigid 3.00 m *) 1230 kg
Farm-Line 8S 8x75 HKP 300 cm 2000 kg
Farm-Line 12S 12x75 Rigid 3.00 *) 1610 kg
Farm-Line 4DTE 4x75 Rigid 300 cm 1020 kg
Farm-Line 6DTE 6x75 Rigid 3.00 *) 1350 kg
Farm-Line 6DTE 6x75 Telescope 300 cm 1530 kg
Farm-Line 8DTE 8x75 Rigid 3.00 *) 1670 kg
Farm-Line 8DTE 8x75 HKP 300 cm 2440 kg
Farm-Line 12DTE 12x75 Rigid 3.00 *) 2100 kg
*) Using length transport.