Brand Kongskilde VM-2


VM-2 is a twin-auger diet mixer for the farmer who needs a large, effective mixer with side discharge doors (1 -5).
Like the other mixers from Kongskilde the VM-2 can be adapted to any need. For example, a very high discharge capacity can be obtained with 2 discharge doors on the same side. With a rear mounted elevator the feed can be mixed and loaded into another wagon for feeding at the farm next door.
The VM-2 shreds all types of bales, whether they are round or square and consist of straw, hay or silage. The chopped straw fodder is easily mixed with other types of feed.

Why choose a Complete Diet Mixer from Kongskilde?
  1. Great flexibility – also after you have purchased!
  2. The most hard-wearing diet mixers on the market!
  3. The unique mixing auger with Impulse Mixing!
  4. The unique wireless weighing system - Feed Manager!
  5. Mix+ concept of wearing parts!
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Especificaciones técnicas

VM 20-2 L VM 20-2 VM 22-2 VM 27-2 VM 30-2
Cubic capacity m3 20 20 22 27 30
Discharge Discharge Doors Discharge Doors Discharge Doors Discharge Doors Discharge Doors
Total height with standard tyres* 267 cm 275 cm 287 cm 341 cm 361 cm
Height based on twin wheels Single axle 235/75 R/17.5 Single axle 235/75 R/17.5 Single axle 235/75 R/17.5 Bogie 435/50 R/19.5 Bogie 435/50 R/19.5
Potencia motor del tractor, kW (CV) 80/108 80/108 85/115 95/130 100/136
One load of feed corresponds to the daily need (8000 kg ECM/cow/year) 115-150 dairy cows 115-150 dairy cows 125-165 dairy cows 156-195 dairy cows 175-220 dairy cows
*The heights may deviate +/- 3 cm due to tyre pressure etc.