This product is discontinued

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Semi mounted reversible wagon plough, "Non-Stop". The range of heavy duty wagon ploughs, Kongskilde THSRT, is designed for tractors up to 350 hp and is built from 7 to 10 furrows. The furrow width can be adjusted in three steps, 16, 18 or 20 (40, 45 or 50 cm). The Kongskilde THSRT range is really heavy duty with large dimensions in all critical parts. Large diameter wheels in the wagon give stability and keep uniform depth even in wet conditions. High clearance with space for lots of crop residues without blockage means non stop ploughing also in difficult conditions.


Technical specifications

Model Number of furrows Point to point clearance Under beam clearance Approx. weight
THSRT 71080 7(4+3) 100 80 4400
THSRT 81080 8(5+3) 100 80 4800
THSRT 91080 9(6+3) 100 80 5100
THSRT 101080 10(6+4) 100 80 5400