VIBRO CROP Interrow cultivator VCR


This product is discontinued

Brand Kongskilde Kongskilde Vibro Crop Interrow Cultivator VCR

VIBRO CROP Interrow cultivator VCR

The VCR – inter-row cultivator range is available in configuration ranging from 4 to 12 rows, accommodating row spacing from 50 cm and wider. It is designed for high speed, high residue cultivation with a wide range of optional toolings to meet virtually any row crop cultivation. It also improves the soil´s ability to supply crops with water, air and nutrients while decreasing expensive chemical use. The Kongskilde VCR can be used e.g. in beets, maize, beans or even cotton.

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Technical specifications

Model Frame width Number of rows Number of support wheels Number of tines Transport width
VCR-5-438 380 cm 4 0 21 380 cm
VCR-5-656 560 cm 6 0 31 560 cm
VCRF-5-12110 1100.00 m 12 2 61 640 cm
VCRF-5-874 740 cm 8 2 41 460 cm