• EasyClean treatment of ploughs

    11. April 2016
    Shorter run-in time for ploughs

    Kongskilde launches EasyClean coating for plough bodies. It shortens the run-in time for ploughs and does not harm the soil thanks to its bio-degradable properties. EasyClean has been introduced in the Kongskilde plough factory in Överum, where both the Kongskilde and Överum ploughs are manufactured.
  • Gold Medal for Stonebear 2.60

    04. February 2016
    The Gold Medal is one of the most recognizable and prestigious awards at the Polish exhibition market.
  • New Paint System Drives Change

    25. November 2015
    Things are moving quickly these days at the Kongskilde manufacturing plant in Hudson, IL.
    A paint system that used to be a drag on the production line has been replaced, and its successor is consistently delivering a fire-truck red product.
  • The World Championships develop ploughing

    19. September 2015
    The World Championships in ploughing will be held in Denmark 3rd - 4th October, 2015. 60 participants and 8,000 visitors will make the event a festive occasion that will enhance the level of both professionalism and of technology. Kongskilde Industries A/S is the gold sponsor and will use the opportunity to hold a pre-release of a new generation of ploughs.
  • Stand at Ontario Outdoor Show

    15. September 2015
    See pictures of our stand at the Ontario Outdoor Show in Woodstock, Ontario Canada
  • The First Kongskilde Vibro Crop Intelli sold in North America

    28. May 2015
    Our salesman Kevin Leis has together with our dealer ESM Equipment
    sold the first Kongskilde Vibro Crop Intelli.The dealer is located
    at Wallenstein Ontario and the customer is nearby.
  • Kongskilde TMR Mixers in the USA

    16. April 2015
    Kongskilde sees a large potential in American and Canadian cattle breeders and is therefore entering the American market for TMR mixers. A co-operation with universities having accepted to test the mixers is going to prepare the way into the American market. Most of the production will take place at Kongskilde’s factory in Denmark.

  • Kongskilde is here to stay - new One Brand Strategy underlines global ambitions

    11. March 2015
    Kongskilde Industries A/S, one of the leading manufacturers of agricultural solutions, has launched an ambitious One Brand Strategy. The strategy is part of a large-scale process, in which factories, sales companies and administrative functions are stream-lined in order to form an even more competitive company.

    In the future, all agricultural machines and solutions from Kongskilde Industries will carry the Kongskilde name and red brand identity. Previous brand names like Howard, Nordsten, Överum, Becker, and JF will be marketed under one umbrella – Kongskilde.
  • SIMA-Kongskilde introduces One Brand Strategy

    22. February 2015
    Kongskilde Industries A/S, one of the leading manufacturers of agricultural solutions, strengthens its brand strategy to increase presence on the global, competitive market.