GMT L – 3205 L Trailed Disc Mower

Brand Kongskilde GMT L

GMT L – 3205 L Trailed Disc Mower

  • JF Cutter bar - strong reliable cutter bar with integrated stone guard.
  • Quick change knife is standard – reduces knife replacement time.
  • Top safe - less impact on the cutter bar.
  • Top Dry - wide spreading and additional conditioning means reduced drying time while preserving the feed quality.
  • Swivel gearbox makes 90° turns on headland.

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Technical specifications

GMT 3205 L P GMT 3205 L R GMT 3205 L S
Type Lateral drawbar Lateral drawbar Lateral drawbar
Working width 10.3 ft 10.3 ft 10.3 ft
Transport width 9.8 ft 9.8 ft 9.8 ft
Min. Power requirements kW/hp 70/94 70/94 70/94
Conditioner type PE-fingers Chevron rollers Steel flails
Number of discs/knifes 8/16 8/16 8/16
Collector Option Option Option