• SIMA-New Adjustable Drawbar for JF Complete Diet Mixers from Kongskilde

    22. февраль 2015
    Substantial differences in ground level can be a major issue for tractors pulling large complete diet mixers. To overcome this problem, Kongskilde Industries A/S is introducing an hydraulically adjustable drawbar for JF complete diet mixers at SIMA 2015. This ensures that the tractor has more grip when rising up ramps, on the road, and against feed moving over the sides of the diet mixer on slopes.
  • SIMA-New Side Mounted Mower from Kongskilde JF GXS 4005

    22. февраль 2015
    At SIMA 2015 Kongskilde Industries A/S displays a new 3-point mounted mower with a new type of disc design.
  • SIMA-New Flexible Conveyor for JF Cpmplete Diet Mixers From Kongskilde

    22. февраль 2015
    At SIMA 2015 Kongskilde Industries A/S, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of vertical complete diet mixers under the brand JF, introduces an all new X-cross conveyor option for all mixers from
    10 m³ - 45 m³