VM-1 B Multi

Brand Kongskilde VM-1 B Multi

VM-1 B Multi

A unique concept combining feeding and straw bedding without compromise. Feeding via the cross conveyor is especially suitable for feed mixtures with a high straw content.
For bedding the blowing range of up to 25 m meets most requirements.
The Multi model means it is possible to reduce the number of machines on the farm.

Why choose a Complete Diet Mixer from Kongskilde?
  1. Great flexibility – also after you have purchased!
  2. The most hard-wearing diet mixers on the market!
  3. The unique mixing auger with Impulse Mixing!
  4. The unique wireless weighing system - Feed Manager! 
  5. Strawbedding - the unique concept "Multi"!
  6. Mix+ concept of wearing parts!

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Tekniske spesifikasjoner

VM 10-1 B M VM 12-1 B M VM 14-1 B M
Rumindhold m3 10 12 14
Udfodring Cross conveyor Cross conveyor Cross conveyor
Halmblæser Yes Yes Yes
Totalhøjde med standard dæk (m)* 2,56 m 2,84 m 3,14 m
Traktor- effekt, kW (hk) 50/68 55/75 60/82
Et læs foder svarer til dagsbehovet (8000 kg/ko/år) 55-70 dairy cows 67-85 dairy cows 80-100 dairy cows
* All heights are based on wheels 30x11.5-14.5 (standard). The heights may deviate +/- 3 cm due to tyre pressure etc.