Model 2450


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Brand Kongskilde picture - 2450

Model 2450

Kongskilde’s Model 2450 Sidedress Applicator has the capabilities of changing from 12 row to 16 row (based on 30” centers) in less than 5 minutes. The 2450 is available in a 1000 gallon or 1600 gallon model. The 1000 gallon is available with two tire sizes - 18.4 x 26 10 ply or 13.6 x 38 12 ply. The 1600 gallon uses a 14.9R x 46 14 ply tire (this tire has a 12,000 lb rating). 

The 2450 (like the 2400) can be set up on various row spacings. Kongskilde also manufactures the coulter assemblies that are used on all Kongskilde Sidedress Applicators. This unit is the heaviest in the industry with a 1200 lb trip rating and is built using a 2” x 3” tube rather than a 3/4” plate. The coulter assembly is available with an injector or knife for applying fertilizer.