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Brand Överum


Reversible fully mounted plough, "Non-Stop" hydraulic. The Xcelsior DX-series consists of fully mounted reversible ploughs intended for big tractors and heavy duty ploughing. Modern clean design and quality manufacture are the main characteristics for the Xcelsior DX ploughs. The frame of the DX is a sturdy U-profile and the frame is built to a wedge form with increasing width as the forces increase forward in the plough.

Technical specifications

DX 4100H* DX 490H* DX5100H* DX5905H*
Approx. weight 1530.0 kg 1510.0 kg 1840.0 kg 1820.0 kg
Max. working width 2.00 m 1.80 m 2.50 m 2.25 m
Min. working width 1.60 m 1.40 m 2.00 m 1.75 m
Number of furrows 4 4 5 5
Point to point clearance 1.00 m 90.0 cm 1.00 m 90.0 cm
Power demand, hp 120-180 120-180 150-180 140-180
Under beam clearance 75.0 cm 75.0 cm 75.0 cm 75.0 cm
*Also available: 80 cm