• Agritenicha - Kongskilde Launches a New Plough Body for Difficult Soil and Big Tractors

    09. noviembre 2015
    World premiere at Agritechnica 2015: Kongskilde Industries A/S introduces the XLD plough body for ploughing wide furrows up to 35 cm depth and for tractors with wide tyres.
  • Agritechnica - Next Generation of Stone Picking Machines Increases Productivity Significantly

    09. noviembre 2015
    Kongskilde Industries A/S launches second generation of stone picking machines at Agritechnica 2015 in Hannover, Germany. The Stonebear 2 comes with a working width of 6.2 m and significantly higher hopper capacity, which increases the productivity (up to 30 percent). The new model has the largest capacity on the market today.
  • Agritechnica - New Electronic Discharge Door Indicator System for Kongskilde VM Range

    09. noviembre 2015
    Kongskilde Industries A/S has developed a new discharge door indicator system for complete diet mixers, which will be introduced at Agritechnica 2015. A display in the tractor cab provides a comprehensive overview of all discharge doors and their current position.
  • Agritechnica - Kongskilde One Brand Strategy Unfolds at Agritechnica

    09. noviembre 2015
    Kongskilde Industries A/S unfold their ambitious One Brand strategy at Agritechnica 2015. Unified design, consistent naming and the use of the red colour for all products underline the move towards an even stronger global brand.
  • Agritechnica - New 4-Speed Transmission for Kongskilde Complete Diet Mixers

    09. noviembre 2015
    The new 4-speed transmission for the Kongskilde complete diet mixers ensures a gentle start-up and complete emptying of the feed mixer - while saving fuel. The new transmission is available from now, together with the new Mix+ wear-part concept, which allows replacement of the mixing auger edges, so that the quality of the feed is consistently high.
  • Agritechnica - Kongskilde Launches Ploughs for European Market

    09. noviembre 2015
    Kongskilde launches a full line of ploughs under its own name. Strong features and high quality meet the demands of modern farming, support the brand and build on the position, which Överum has helped to establish. Överum is part of the Kongskilde Group.
  • Agritechnica - Kongskilde Introduces New Stubble Cultivator

    09. noviembre 2015
    Kongskilde Industries A/S, the cultivator specialist, introduces a completely new generation of Delta Flex trailed stubble cultivators for heavy-duty applications.
  • Agritechnica - New Series of Mid-Range Rotavators from the Originator

    09. noviembre 2015
    Kongskilde launches the Rotavator R2.500 in a completely new design at the Agritechnica 2015 in Hannover, Germany. The dynamic and stiffer design protects the drivelines against dirt. With the new QuickFit, the blades are replaced in seconds. Furthermore the heavy-duty version comes with a new and reinforced side drive for tractors up to 140 hp.
  • Los Campeonatos Mundiales desarrollan el arado

    19. septiembre 2015
    En Dinamarca, los días 3 y 4 de octubre de 2015, se celebrarán los Campeonatos Mundiales de Arado. 60 participantes y 8.000 visitantes convertirán este evento en una ocasión festiva para elevar el listón de la profesionalidad y la tecnología. Kongskilde Industries A/S es patrocinador de oro del evento y aprovechará la oportunidad para el preestreno de una nueva generación de maquinaria de labranza.
  • Kongskilde ha llegado para quedarse: la nueva Estrategia de Marca Única subraya las ambiciones globales

    11. marzo 2015
    Kongskilde Industries A/S, uno de los principales fabricantes de soluciones agrícolas, ha lanzado una ambiciosa Estrategia de Marca Única. Esta estrategia forma parte de un proceso a gran escala en el que las fábricas, las empresas de ventas y las funciones administrativas se optimizan con la finalidad de formar una empresa aún más competiti-va.

    En el futuro, todas las máquinas y soluciones agrícolas de Kongskilde Industries llevarán el nombre Kongskilde y la identidad de marca de color rojo. Los nombres anteriores co-mo Howard, Nordsten, Överum, Becker y JF se comercializarán bajo el mismo para-guas: Kongskilde.