• SIMA 2019 - Stonebear

    24. February 2019
    Kongskilde presents the Stonebear SB 4000, removing stones have never been easier.
  • SIMA 2019 - Grassland Machinery

    24. February 2019
    Kongskilde presents the rear mounted mover GXS 4005, front mounted mover GXF 3205 P, tedder Z 8805 and rake R+760 – a strong line of grassland machinery.
  • SIMA 2019 - Weed Control

    24. February 2019
    Kongskilde presents the Vibro Crop Intelli VCO 12-50 – the intelligent weed control for row crops.
  • SIMA 2019 - Ploughs

    24. February 2019
    At SIMA 2019 Kongskilde presents the ploughs XRWT 6980 & MRS 4975 for wide furrow ploughing and a new Side Mounted CombiWheel for improved weed control.
  • SIMA 2019 - Stubble Cultivation

    24. February 2019
    Kongskilde presents the stubble cultivator Vibro Flex 7440 H and the front mounted disc cultivator Front Terra Disc 4000 H for efficient decomposition of plant residues and weed-control.
  • SIMA 2019 - Seedbed Preparation

    24. February 2019
    Kongskilde presents the two seedbed cultivators Germinator Pro 6200 and Vibro Master 3055 – creating a seedbed for fast and even germination has never been easier.
  • Överum’s CX-plough for the next generation

    13. March 2018
    In 1995 Överum launched the CX-plough that set the standard for high-quality ploughing and low draft requirement. Now they introduce the next generation – the Överum CX2. The completely overhauled construction offers many significant benefits.
  • Kongskilde to launch slatted plough body for difficult soil

    09. November 2017
    Kongskilde Agriculture has announced the introduction of a completely new slatted plough body at Agritechnica 2017. Developed especially for difficult soil conditions and larger tractors, the XSD slatted plough body completes the company’s comprehensive selection of innovative, wide-furrow ploughs.
  • Vibro Master 3000: Launch of Versatile 5.5 metre Version

    17. February 2017
    Kongskilde Agriculture extends its range of the successful Vibro Master 3000 cultivator with a 5.5 metre version. It meets the need of an even more versatile cultivator for the preparation of a quality seedbed.
  • Hydraulic Land Wheel for Kongskilde Ploughs

    17. February 2017
    At SIMA 2017, Kongskilde Agriculture launches two features for the fully mounted ploughs. The hydraulic lifting system for land wheels improves the work performance and eases the operation. It also comes in a version with tractor patterned tyres. The upgrades are available from June 2017.