Modelo 2400


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Modelo 2400

The Model 2400 Sidedress Applicator is the smaller version of sidedress applicators by Kongskilde. It’s range is 5 coulters (15’) to 13 coulters (32-1/2’) based on 30” centers. The 2400 can also be set up on 20”, 22”, 27” 36”, 38” & 40” row spacing.

The 2400 has a patented scissor lift system. This lift system allows for constant downpressure on the bar as it it is pulled Pump Drive with single or double piston pump through the field.

The 2400 Sidedress Applicator is available with three different tank sizes and four different tire/wheel options. The liquid fertilizer is either injected into the soil by way of an injection or knife system.