Brand Kongskilde Överum Combi Jet


Combi Jet has 4, 6 or 8 m. working width and a total hopper capacity of 4500 or 5400 litres. Hydraulic folding of the coulter assembly to 3 m. transport width makes transportation easy through narrow passages. The large, easily-filled, hopper and the flexible transport possibilities offer rational handling of seed and fertiliser at home on the farmstead. The coulter assembly is strong with generous clearance, capable of high speed and tough conditions. Increased space will also reduce the risk of blockages when drilling among crop residues.
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Technical specifications

CD 4504 CD 5406 CD 5408
Distance between front-rear coulters 45.0 cm 45.0 cm 45.0 cm
Length 8.25 m 8.25 m 8.25 m
Max. fertiliser hopper capacity 2450.0 l 2900.0 l 2900.0 l
Number of fertiliser coulters 16 24 32
Number of seed coulters 32 48 64
Power demand, hp 110-150 130-180 180-240
Row distance seed coulters 12.5 cm 12.5 cm 12.5 cm
Transport height 2.60 m 3.60 m 4.50 m
Transport width 3.00 m 3.00 m 3.00 m
Wheel dimensions 800x26.5 800x30.5 800x30.5
Working width 4.00 m 6.00 m 8.00 m
Adjustable coulter pressure: 2-20 kg.

Adjustable coulter pressure (with disc coulters): 10-30 kg