Brand JF FCT 960


  • Upper Cut, low fuel consumption.
  • New reinforced cutting drum, higher capacity with the same input.
  • Wide feed intake, better flow and thus higher capacity.
  • New control box, higher comfort and easy to operate.
  • Pro-Tec clutch protection, reduced impact on the transmission.

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Technical specifications

FCT 960 FCT 1060
Type Trailed Trailed
Min. power requirement HP 74/100 88/120
Pick up width, m 1.80 m 2.10 m
Number of blades 24/32 24/32
Cutting length 8-16(32) mm 8-16(32) mm
Metal detector - Option
Chute control Electrical Hydraulic
Foldeable chute - Option
Cutting unit, 2.40 m Option Option
Maize unit 2 rows Option Option