VM-3 B Multi


This product is not available in the current market (Worldwide)

Brand Kongskilde

VM-3 B Multi

Huge capacity with volumes up to 45 m3 are offered with the unique concept which combines feeding and straw bedding without compromise. Feeding with cross conveyer is especially suitable for feed mixtures with a high straw content. For bedding the blowing range of up to 25 m meets most requirements

Why choose a Complete Diet Mixer from Kongskilde?

  1. Great flexibility – also after you have purchased!
  2. The most hard-wearing diet mixers on the market!
  3. The unique mixing auger with Impulse Mixing!
  4. The unique wireless weighing system - Feed Manager!
  5. Strawbedding - the unique concept "Multi"!
  6. Mix+ concept of wearing parts!
PC software update for ProFeed+

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